Selah House was established because of our sincere desire to provide a place to turn when in need of solitude, restoration, mentoring and training. Through the generosity of many, we joyfully provide the ministry of Selah House for pastors and missionaries, as well as for individuals seeking Biblical counseling. 

Many "mission partners" contribute prayerfully, financially, and physically to make our ministries and services accessible. 

Selah House is not a business, nor have we anything for sale. However, as we provide the ministry of Selah House, it is necessary to cover fixed costs of operation such as insurance expenses, utilities, cleaning, and property maintenance. The following suggested minimum donations only cover a part of the actual cost of providing each of the ministries and services of Selah House. Any donations above this minimum are greatly appreciated and will help cover the actual cost of providing quality care. 

  • For those in full-time ministry, we suggest a $45 donation prior to your first visit and a  donation of $45 per additional night.** 
  • For those not in full-time ministry who desire a stay at Selah House for marriage or family care and for Biblical counsel, we suggest an $85 donation prior to your arrival, and a donation of $75 per additional night at Selah House, a non-profit ministry.**

**We request an additional donation in consideration for Biblical counseling.  Learn more here

Please note, we would never want you to need rest, counseling and retreat and let the cost deter you from coming to Selah House. Please discuss with us at the time of your reservation any special circumstances. 

If you would like to partner with us to provide rest and refreshment to missionaries and pastors and to strengthen marriages through giving, you may do so via our donate page. Every gift, no matter the amount, matters greatly and helps us to provide these ministries at low cost. No donation will be considered insignificant!

If you have further questions, please contact us. We are eager to serve you! Our prayer is that God blesses you richly during your stay at Selah House.