LifeSource provides Biblical counseling for missionaries, pastors and Christian leaders, as well as for non-ministry individuals or families in crisis. The suggested minimum donation of $30 per individual session and $55 for couple/family session goes toward further counselor training, counseling materials, resources and operating expenses. (Comparable counseling is provided elsewhere at a cost of $85-$140 per session.) 

Please note: these are suggested minimum donations rather than required amounts. We ask each person individually to pray about their financial means in order to arrive at what is a reasonable and fair donation to LifeSource MFC in return for biblical counseling service, based upon their situation. We will never refuse to provide biblical counseling due to one's inability to afford the suggested donation.  

We ask that you make your donation to LifeSource MFC at the conclusion of each counseling session. Click here to find out how to donate online or by check .