A "crisis" can be defined as "any situation that causes high levels of emotional anguish or disparity in individuals, and which leaves them feeling helpless, out of balance, and out of control."

The life of a missionary or pastor is both rewarding and full of challenges. Moving overseas creates a new lifestyle mold into which each member of the family is pressed. Being in a public position where many eyes and demands are upon you can create an atmosphere of tension and striving for acceptance from those you shepherd. Each one adjusts to the new environment in his or her own way and time. 

Cross-cultural living and home ministry present unique demands which, when adding marriage and family issues into them, can result in a loss of balance between family life and ministry. 

Unresolved issues such as anger, resentment, dissatisfaction, frustration and hopelessness are capable of wounding us deeply, fracturing our family and neutralizing our ministry. 

Biblical discipleship counseling can help restore peace, purpose, and a sense of teamwork back into your family. Whether you come away from your field of service or we come to you, a rapid response and intensive short-term care can help you regain a healthy balance and recover your joy in ministry.